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San Juan Sound

Gift of Sound


Gift of Sound (GOS) was developed to perpetuate the arts in Puerto Rico and rally behind music programs and independent musicians directly impacted by the most destructive economic and natural disaster in the U.S. islands history. GOS unites with veteran leaders and compatible organizations to provide stimulating experiences in recording, workshops, concerts, and instrument donations.




San Juan Sound


The devastating impact of Puerto Rico's economic and natural disaster has forced out nearly half a million residents and closed a quarter of the islands schools. Furthermore, music programs and concert venues have been forced to cut budgets or altogether abandon music until the dust settles. This is a heartbreaking reality for an island as culturally rich as New Orleans, a place where you are born into music and local sounds are your soundtrack to survival. Now is more important than ever to preserve, promote, and embrace the force of nature that is MUSIC. Rosario Romero, an outspoken local advocate for the arts poignantly said, “Without art, it’s hard to understand life. It’s that artists are the ones who help us create who we are. They don’t just interpret reality - its that they help to construct new realities.``

Gift of Sound


Centered around a stunning multi-purpose music facility, San Juan Sound's ``Gift of Sound`` is a movement to perpetuate the art community of Puerto Rico. The program services the islands music programs and independent musicians directly impacted by the islands historic financial crisis and hurricanes. San Juan Sound hosts monthly workshops, lectures, and live performances featuring acclaimed local and visiting artists, including free lessons and recording sessions. A broad range of educational events are featured from bomba y plena and salsa to jazz and DJ workshops. Gift Of Sound also hosts and visits struggling music programs to distribute instruments in need, lectures, and concerts. The SJS team is always on the lookout for artists and programs in need and we welcome all suggestions at rayo@sanjuansound.org.


Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.

Marco Torres – Epologio / Mar y Ola


“The thing about the Puerto Rico local music scene is that even though it is very small at the moment, it is very diverse (much like the island itself). There are all sorts of genres ranging from rock and punk to bomba and salsa to even jazz and soul. Almost every time something new pops up it is a different and refreshing blend. It is a local scene with many “micro-scenes” in it and this is positive but negative at the same time because it feels very divided. Everybody should come together and help each other more and grow together, the quality of the music is certainly there for it to take off. The economic crisis and impact of Hurricane Maria does not allow the local businesses to support musicians in ways that are fair and this makes it very challenging to be an up and coming artist. Musicians need to hustle and constantly find new ways of attracting public and creating revenue. Perhaps this same challenge is what has made the music scene as exciting and impressive as it is today. San Juan Sound is a non profit studio that offers local musicians and schools opportunities in a space with analog equipment they would not have otherwise. A space free from prejudice in which artists can create, grow, and join together to discover new and different sounds.”


San Juan Sound is a space free from prejudice in which artists can create, grow, and join together to discover new and different sounds.

Gift of Sound